Retired Secretary of the Board of Directors

October 14, 2022

Each month, we are featuring one of the leaders within Verity’s Village on our blog to allow our followers and members to get to know the people behind the computer screen and across the miles. Rhonda Jacobson served as secretary of the board of directors from the inception of Verity’s Village. During her tenure as a board member, Rhonda kept detailed minutes of board meetings, which laid the foundation for good communication and meticulous record-keeping on which our organization continues to grow. Additionally, she shared advice, prayers, and encouragement with the board–which she continues to do even after stepping down from her official role as a board member in July 2022. Rhonda, thank you so much for your service to Verity’s Village!

Our written interview provided below focuses on each leader’s life, family, and motivation for being a part of Verity’s Village, as well as a few fun facts about their lives.

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Rhonda, will you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a child of the Most High God. I am a retired high school math teacher spending my free time in women’s Bible studies and doing homeschool math with my high school grandchildren. I work part time for an online university preparing students to be high school math teachers. I am a Denver Bronco, Avalanche, Nuggets, and Rockies fan. My favorite dinners include pasta. My favorite article of clothing is a long-sleeved sweatshirt. 


Will you tell us about your family?

I am blessed with two brothers, two sons, one step daughter, thirteen grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.


What is something funny that no one would guess about you?

Perhaps this is more unusual than “funny.” I married my college physics professor.


What is your favorite drink?

Coffee with vanilla coconut milk and honey


What is your favorite game?

My favorite games are cribbage and pinochle.


What is your top 3 favorite podcasts/books/musical artist (you choose)?

Bible Project Podcast, ESV Study Bible, George Frideric Handel


How long have you served Verity’s Village?

One year


Why did you join with Verity’s Village mission?

I spent a month with Verity’s family preparing for her birth and another month awaiting Verity’s homecoming following her graduation from the NICU. Along with her parents and siblings, I cried out to God as we struggled to understand God’s plan  throughout the pregnancy and NICU experience. When God provided an amazing care team of nurses and therapists for Verity’s care, He enabled Beverly to recover, refocus, and start dreaming and praying about Verity’s Village. He provided opportunities for her to learn about online support groups, non-profits, LLC’s, websites, and more. She shared her ever-expanding vision with me. The positive impact her Verity’s Village could have on families and the special children God created for them inspired me to join with the Verity’s Village mission.


What is the most important thing you have done with Verity’s Village?

Anything I have done with Verity’s Village pales in comparison to the exceedingly abundantly outstanding things God has done to equip people to get Verity’s Village up and running and caring for families. Ephesians 3:21 – To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen

Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing about your life, your interests, and your passion for Verity’s Village! Also, we thank you so much for your service on the Board of Directors; we appreciate you!

Brooke Shambley

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