Our journey with Verity Irene began with a phone call…

Trisomy 18…Edwards Syndrome…genetic anomalies. I searched desperately for answers to all the questions flooding my mind after I heard from the doctor. One phrase describing our unborn baby’s condition left me feeling like I couldn’t breathe: incompatible with life. We were devastated. The rest of the pregnancy was filled with fear and anxiety, and even when Verity was born alive, graduated from the NICU, and came home to join our family, we still felt the weight of the unspoken question hovering over us. How long would our daughter live?

Well…Verity apparently didn’t get the memo that many children with her diagnosis don’t make it to their first birthday! She is 6 years old now and touching many lives all over the world!

We are so grateful for the “village” of support we have received, from doctors who believed in Verity’s value to compassionate nurses, therapists, educators, and other special-needs parents. 

But not everyone has a village. Having gone through our own journey from diagnosis to delivery and beyond, and having seen the great need in this community, we have prayerfully followed God’s lead to establish and grow Verity’s Village so others can receive vital support for a journey like no other.