Crashanda’s Story: God Has a Plan!
July 13, 2022

I knew God had a purpose and a plan for my life, and my sweet baby has purpose. My baby has a heartbeat, so that is life that only God can give!  I had a made up my mind to go as far in my pregnancy that God allowed.

Our Statement & Stance on Life
July 4, 2022

As you probably already know, the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade has sent the issue of abortion back to individual states. In light of this news, we felt it important to be very specific about our core beliefs. In a nutshell, Verity’s Village is FOR women AND for their babies, knowing the […]

Flipped Upside Down
June 17, 2022

Hannah not only faced an unexpected pregnancy but also a scary diagnosis for her baby the day her life “flipped upside down,” as she describes it. While Hannah and baby Nash’s story is still being written, she shares with us some intimate details that can encourage other moms in this situation. Hannah’s story Getting an […]

Such a Happy Baby
June 11, 2022

Taryn happened to be one of the first mothers to join our prenatal support group. Her little Zoey was such a happy baby, she says, despite going through a lot in her first few months of life. She shares her story in her own words below. Taryn’s Story I actually didn’t find out that it […]

Thank you, Sponsors!
May 21, 2022

Thank you, Sponsors! Verity’s Village wishes to take a moment to say thank you to our sponsors. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to cover all the race-related costs for our first ever official fundraiser! Special thanks to… Asher’s Answer – a nonprofit organization devoted to providing financial support to families of babies diagnosed […]

Logan’s Story: Peace in the Storm
May 6, 2022

In December 2021, Logan P. shared with our community her story of heartache to hope.  She has given us permission to share this story of her peace in the storm with you below: Hi everyone, so I was asked to share this with you! I hope that it will uplift and inspire you! So I […]

Fundraising Goal
April 23, 2022

We have a great, big, audacious fundraising goal for the Run for the Rare to match our great, big, audacious vision for the ministry of Verity’s village! We’ve set $25K as our reach-for-the-stars goal! Whatever we raise, you can be sure the funds will help us do amazing things for the community we serve. Here […]

Why I Run (and Walk!)
April 20, 2022

Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Brooke Shambley, and at the beginning of April, I joined Verity’s Village as our new Social Media Manager.  While I will definitely do a more thorough introduction at a later date, this first blog post will be about my reason for joining our glorious Run for the Rare 2022.  My […]

“Incompatible with Life”
March 22, 2022

Doctors told Elisa during her pregnancy that her baby boy was “incompatible with life.” Here she shares her story. Elisa’s Story “At 16 weeks of pregnancy, I found out that my baby very likely had Trisomy 18. ‘Don’t google it’ is what my midwife said. Of course, I did look it up, and I was […]

Trisomy Awareness Month
March 19, 2022

Did you know? March is Trisomy Awareness Month! Many families in our support network have learned their babies have a trisomy condition. This means their cells have an extra copy of one (or even more than one) chromosome. While any chromosome can be affected, the most common of these conditions are: Trisomy 21, Down syndrome […]