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December 16, 2023

Hope for Prenatal Diagnosis

In light of recent news headlines detailing the difficult case of a family in Texas seeking an abortion after receiving a diagnosis of Trisomy 18, we feel it is appropriate to share our perspective and philosophy. We want people to know there is hope for a prenatal diagnosis.

Our nonprofit ministry grew out of our own family’s experience of receiving the devastating news that our unborn daughter Verity had Edwards syndrome, or Trisomy 18. Though doctors told us she would likely be stillborn, Verity has overcome statistics! She is 6 years old and thriving! Yes, she does have significant special needs. But the current narrative that Trisomy 18 is “incompatible with life” is simply not compatible with the data.

At 6 years old, Verity is smiling in her wheelchair. Her life proves there is hope for a prenatal diagnosis!

Because of our experience, we launched Verity’s Village to provide encouragement, education, and practical support for families who receive a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis for their baby. Our vision is to change the narrative surrounding genetic anomalies from heartache to hope.

We Believe:

All deserve LIFE. We believe God created ALL people (including those with disabilities) with inherent value, purpose, and dignity and deserve to be treated accordingly.

All deserve LOVE. We believe that as God loves all people and has commanded us to love one another, we are called to love everyone. We choose to show love and compassion to the innocent child with a complex diagnosis; the child’s parents and other family members; the medical professionals involved in the child’s care; and everyone else we meet along the way.

Families deserve TRUTH. We believe women (and therefore their babies) often fall prey to lies from the culture and at times the medical community when facing a prenatal diagnosis. Women deserve to hear the truth about their baby’s condition. They should hear the full range of possibilities on this journey.

Families deserve SUPPORT. We believe we do better when we do life in community. Women who feel alone may believe they have no real choice other than to terminate a “doomed” pregnancy. However, women who receive education about their baby’s condition along with emotional, mental, and tangible support can choose to give their baby life, no matter how long or short that life may be.

Life deserves to be HONORED. We believe God created us as both physical and spiritual beings who will live forever after our physical deaths. We believe the eternal nature of the soul gives us a perspective that allows for the paradoxes of living with joy in grief, peace in pain, and purpose in uncertainty. Thus, we believe in the beauty of allowing a baby the opportunity to live his or her own precious life, marking the occasion of the birth (and possibly death) with dignity and honor.

We Value:

Community—We build connections and networks for families to receive encouragement and resources for their unique needs.

Collaboration—We know local connections are important for in-person support; yet we acknowledge that we also work within a smaller niche community. Collaborating with like-minded pro-life organizations who are also supporting families facing high-risk pregnancies is important for providing the highest level and quality of support.

Integrity—We commit to transparency at every level of our organization, trusting God to provide funds for His work and managing those funds with the utmost care and stewardship.

Kindness—In a culture that dismisses opposing viewpoints by attacking the person behind them, we commit to treating everyone with dignity and respect, whether or not they agree with or support our mission and values.

Speaking truth in love—We will never compromise on our stance that ALL lives are valuable and have value, purpose, and dignity. We will communicate truth with love and gentleness, praying that our words are seasoned with grace and honor the Lord whom we serve even as we hold firmly to our convictions. And the truth is…there is hope for those who receive a prenatal diagnosis!

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