What I Would Have Missed: Part 1
November 15, 2023

When a parent is given a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis for their baby, we can mistakenly focus on missing out on the pain and avoiding the grief. No matter what decision is made, grief is unavoidable, but the focus on what a parent will actually miss if they terminate their pregnancy can be life saving: life […]

Christi’s Story: “What if your baby lives?”
October 20, 2023

Many of our stories come from our Verity’s Village online community, but the presence of the grander community affected by a prenatal diagnosis is larger than our online community. Each of us are in cities with others who have been given a diagnosis or are caring for a child who received a diagnosis. In my […]

April’s Letter: To Thomas Henry
September 20, 2023

Rather than our typical blog post sharing the overall story of a parent and their baby’s diagnosis, today’s blog post shares one of our Verity’s Village mother’s letter to her son. By her permission, we are allowed a window into her pregnancy, her special times with her son, and her choice to spend this time […]

Cheryl’s Story: Waiting with Hope
August 23, 2023

As we love to encourage our parents to reach out with their stories, so our Verity’s Village parents have an ongoing invite to share their families’ stories to our blog. Cheryl agreed to share her ongoing story about Elijah Raphael her sweet son. Her little Elijah Raphael was originally diagnosed with iniencephaly, but as they […]

Group Admin and Future Parent Care Coordinator
June 7, 2023

Last month, we finished sharing about our board of directors with our Verity’s Village community, but wait, we have more! In addition to our introducing our Founder, Social Media Manager, and Board of Directors, we would also like to introduce you to one of our Group Admins, Kathryn Kerr, who is also in training to […]

Board Member – Joyce Zick
May 19, 2023

Our May leader feature focuses on Board Member Joyce Zick! Joyce has served as a board member of the Verity’s Village Board of Directors since the beginning and was on board with Beverly’s heart and mission before Verity’s Village came to fruition. She currently works hard to bring life to women on the mission’s field, […]

Board Member – Todd McLain
April 14, 2023

Todd McLain is a board member of the Verity’s Village Board, and he is the spotlight of our Leader Feature. Todd was also one of the founding board members of the Verity’s Village Board of Directors. Todd, thank you so much for allowing us to ask you a few questions about yourself! Our written interview […]

Elizabeth’s Story: Isaiah Still Speaks
April 3, 2023

Verity’s Village parents are invited to share their stories and the stories of their children to be posted to our blog, and we have many parents who reach out to let their little lights shine. “Elizabeth’s Story: Isaiah Still Speaks” was provided to us this last month to share with our community, our village. We […]

Board Member – Lisa McLain
February 15, 2023

Up next for our February leader feature is Board Member, Lisa McLain! Lisa has served as one of the founding members of the Verity’s Village Board of Directors. As a passionate advocate for the value of all human life, Lisa has helped raise awareness for our mission by organizing community events. She also volunteers as […]

Social Media Manager – Brooke Shambley
January 9, 2023

While still actively collecting interviews from our last few board members, I decided to take January to introduce myself, Brooke Shambley. As the Social Media Manager for Verity’s Village, I create regular content for our Facebook and Instagram page alongside Beverly Jacobson. In addition to social media duties, I also help compile blog posts from […]