Fundraising Goal

April 23, 2022

We have a great, big, audacious fundraising goal for the Run for the Rare to match our great, big, audacious vision for the ministry of Verity’s village! We’ve set $25K as our reach-for-the-stars goal! Whatever we raise, you can be sure the funds will help us do amazing things for the community we serve.

Here are our top 2 goals for the coming year:

1. We are so excited to provide our Village members with ever deepening levels of support! Specifically, we will be offering families in the From Diagnosis to Delivery support network the opportunity to receive counseling services at ZERO COST to them. Anyone who has gone through this journey understands the mental and emotional toll it takes, no matter what the outcome.

2. Since one of our goals is to raise awareness about the struggles families with a life-limiting diagnosis face, we are excited to reach out to people in the medical community to share resource packets and provide options for training and further communication between parents and their medical teams.

Additionally, we will continue to provide the following at no cost to our clients:

* Welcome packets with our special pregnancy journal and the From Diagnosis to Delivery book

* Celebration care packages to families

* Condolences care packages to families

* Education and practical resources specific to the needs of our clients

* Other opportunities to love on and bless the families in our network.

These are our HUGE goals for this next year of ministry. Besides the obvious costs associated with these activities are the behind-the-scenes financial commitments for the online web support and infrastructure needed to support our ever-growing community. We are ever so grateful for those who are helping us bless and help others! All contributions are tax-deductible! And if you choose to donate on Facebook, they take care of the donation processing with no fees. Thank you for your help in honoring the lives of the precious babies with rare diagnoses and their brave parents who choose to carry them to term.

P.S. It’s not too late to register to participate in the Run for the Rare!