Why I Run (and Walk!)

April 20, 2022

Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Brooke Shambley, and at the beginning of April, I joined Verity’s Village as our new Social Media Manager.  While I will definitely do a more thorough introduction at a later date, this first blog post will be about my reason for joining our glorious Run for the Rare 2022.  My goal is that by sharing my personal motivation that you too will be motivated to run/walk on May 13, 14, or 15th and together we will make this 5K a reality.

Run for the Rare 2022 - Runner on the road with block stating Why I Run (and Walk!) by Brooke Shambley

First of all, I would like to assure you that the title of the post is terribly accurate.  As I am not a runner, when I commit to doing a run, it normally means jogging for half a block and walking for two.  Therefore, my motivation in joining this 5K has nothing to do with the love of running.  I normally love to run from running.  I am joining this Run for the Rare 2022 for three reasons: I believe in what Verity’s Village is doing, I am standing in the gap, and I am raising awareness.

Number One

I believe in what Verity’s Village is doing.  What are they doing?  This non-profit organization is encouraging, educating, and providing support to parents who receive a life-limiting diagnosis for their pregnancy.  In a time that can be confusing and painful, Verity’s Village provides hope and knowledge.  By participating in the Run for the Rare 2022, I am forwarding the vision of Verity’s Village.

Number Two

When I participate in Run for the Rare 2022, I imagine that I am standing in the gap.  I am taking each step praying for hope, believing for truth, and knowing that God is holding each parent and baby in his arms.  In my heart, I am saying that each diagnosis is worth the time, the effort, and the prayers to the Father from my heart to his.  Can a run be a ministry in itself?  I believe so.  I will minister through prayers while I participate in this 5K.

Number Three

By being a part of Run for the Rare 2022, I am able to raise awareness about Verity’s Village, as well as the reality many parents face of a diagnosis they were not expecting.  With raising awareness about Verity’s Village, I am letting friends, family, and other parents know that there are more options than the doctor’s present, and there is a source of support for the journey.  What if every parent knew that support existed for their pregnancy when given an unexpected diagnosis?  That is a “what if” that I want to make a reality.  When I share about this run, wear the t-shirt, and talk about my participation, I raise awareness.

Sign Me Up!

I am signing my name on the dotted line to be a part of Run for the Rare 2022, because I believe in what Verity’s Village is doing, I want to stand in the gap, and I want to raise awareness.  Every person who participates is making a difference in the lives of families affected by a life-limiting diagnosis.  Whether you participate by running, walking, or by wearing the Run for the Rare 2022 t-shirt, you are appreciated, and we love having you there alongside of us.  While it may be a virtual run, I do not imagine myself alone.  I imagine myself alongside of you and alongside of all of these families.

Let’s do this. Click –> HERE to join the Run for the Rare 2022.

Brooke Shambley
Social Media Manager
Verity’s Village

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