Recognizing Save the Storks

June 2, 2023

Verity’s Village Launch

At the very beginning as Verity’s Village started to come alongside parents who had received a life-limiting diagnosis, Save the Storks offered to pay the shipping for our care packages in our first year of ministry as part of their support for the launch of Verity’s Village. This support was instrumental in getting our non-profit up and started, jumpstarting our mission to immediately send care packages to our parents without concern for shipping funds. As that initial year came to an end, they offered to continue paying for the shipping assuring the care package program’s success for another year. Now, coming to the end of the two-year period, we find that we have shipped at least 480 packages from the Save the Storks shipping office at an expense of at least $2,704.41! What a blessing!

Save the Storks

We would like to recognize Save the Storks for being such an integral proponent of our mission at Verity’s Village. Your hands-on support has brought the message of hope to so many parents who have gone through and are going through the hardest journey of their lives. Encouragement, hope, and support are essential, and we are thankful to have you as partners to make this a reality for our parents.

Save the Storks Recognition Graphic - Thank You

Support is Essential

As we continue to grow, we have more needs than just the care package program (which continues to be a blessing to our parents), and we are so thankful that the shipping need has been covered for so long. In the present, we are working toward hiring a Parent Care Coordinator to provide direct services and support to each of our parents at Verity’s Village. With the continued support of each of our donors, we anticipate increasing the number of group members we are directly supporting as well as increasing the awareness of Verity’s Village’s services and mission to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and pregnancy centers. Along with the invaluable support of Save the Storks, each donor makes this mission possible.

Learn More About . . .

If you want to learn more about Save the Storks and their amazing mission to establish Stork Buses to ensure women across the nation get the services they need and deserve, follow this link to read more –> “What We Do.”

Connect with Save the Storks on –> Facebook, — > Instagram, and –> YouTube.

If you haven’t heard about Verity’s Village and our mission to provide hope, encouragement, education, and practical support to families who receive a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis for their baby, then follow this link to read more –> “Who We Are.”

Connect with Verity’s Village on –> Facebook, –> Instagram, and –> YouTube.

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