Elizabeth’s Story: Isaiah Still Speaks

April 3, 2023

Verity’s Village parents are invited to share their stories and the stories of their children to be posted to our blog, and we have many parents who reach out to let their little lights shine. “Elizabeth’s Story: Isaiah Still Speaks” was provided to us this last month to share with our community, our village. We hope her story and the story of Isaiah touches your hearts the way it touched ours.

Elizabeth’s Story: Isaiah Still Speaks

When I went into my 12 week ultrasound appointment, I was told my son Isaiah had features on the ultrasound that were consistent with Trisomy 18, a chromosome defect that many doctors said is, “incompatible with life.” I took a NIPT test that also showed a high risk of Trisomy 18. I chose to not have a CVS or amniocentesis test as these test would not have changed my decision to continue my pregnancy with Isaiah. I knew no matter what I wanted to keep this child of God regardless of whether he had Trisomy 18. 

The diagnosis of Isaiah having Trisomy 18 when I was pregnant was a season in my life that challenged me to trust God during this process. Even until today with the season of grieving after losing Isaiah on February 11th, 2023, I am still challenged with trusting God, but with both my pregnancy and grieving season, I know my faith and trust in God has only become stronger. This has also strengthened my marriage with my husband spiritually, knowing that we can lean to God through our struggles and pain versus being through this journey alone. 

During my pregnancy and even when Isaiah passed God showed his love throughout this entire season of my life and continues to show his love throughout the community who knew about Isaiah. Throughout my pregnancy, many doctors kept telling us that Isaiah would not make it pass the 2nd trimester. He was born prematurely at 29 weeks and 5 days and lived for 3 days after he was born. When I went into labor the doctors believed he would be stillborn, but I was able to meet him alive, spend 3 days with him, hold him, see his eyes open, bathe him, and change his diapers. God worked miracles in my pregnancy and during my labor/delivery in order for me to meet Isaiah alive and make memories with him. 

Advice I would give other parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis is not to lose hope and courage. Find a team of doctors who are also willing to work with you and your birth plan. Learn about your baby’s diagnosis and find other people who are dealing/have dealt with the same diagnosis. Continue to pray and trust God through the journey. 

My faith in God and trusting Him are two things that helped me most during this journey. The two organizations that really helped me were Verity’s Village and Abel Speaks. From these organizations I was able to find other people I can go to seek support and advice. Finding a team who also was supportive in my birth plan and supportive of interventions for Isaiah when he was born, also helped me during this journey since I was able to find a Trisomy 18 friendly hospital in my area. 

Although, going through this pregnancy journey was not an easy journey I know my son Isaiah’s story will continue to be a blessing for others. 

“And by faith Isaiah still speaks.” 

– Elizabeth G. – Isaiah’s Mother

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