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August 17, 2022

Each month, we will be featuring one or two of the leaders within Verity’s Village on our blog to allow our followers and members to get to know the people behind the computer screen and across the miles. The Founder and President of Verity’s Village is none other than our own Beverly Jacobson. Many of you already know Beverly from Verity’s Village social media posts, videos, and from our group page, but we hope something we share today will teach you something new about our fearless leader.

Our written interview focused on each leader’s life, family, and motivation for being a part of Verity’s Village, as well as a few fun facts about their lives.

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Beverly, will you tell us a bit about yourself?

My Christian faith is the core of who I am, what I do, and why I do what I do! I cherish my roles as wife, mother, and grandma and believe our relationships with God and people are the most significant investments we can make here on earth. I have a degree in English Education and love writing, speaking, teaching, and mentoring. 


Will you tell us about your family?

I’ve been married to my love for over 25 years now. We have lived at 13 different addresses over the course of his 22+ years with the Air Force and have finally settled down in beautiful Colorado. We have 9 children ranging in age from 5 – 21 years, five boys and four girls. Verity is our youngest (and last!) child. Aside from Verity, all of our other children have been homeschooled since the very beginning. Our oldest is married with a baby girl, so now we are grandparents!


What is something funny that no one would guess about you?

One of my dreams is to someday travel the country with my family and speak at events…driving/staying in a comfy RV with a huge Verity’s Village logo on the side! (If anyone feels led to donate an RV to the cause, let us know, lol!)


What is your favorite drink?

Water…but I do love my cup of morning coffee made especially by my hubby!


What is your favorite board game?

Settlers of Catan or 7 Wonders


What is your top 3 favorite podcasts/books/musical artist (you choose)?

Books: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis; The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien; and the Harry Potter series. (Couldn’t just choose 3 books…3 series will have to do!)

Beverly, did you just copy my answers? Moving on . . .


How long have you served Verity’s Village?

Since before its actual inception! We’ve been connected with other families who have received life-limiting diagnoses for their babies ever since going through it ourselves in 2016. We have always sought to encourage and support others on this journey, sending books or other remembrances as God led. In November 2020 I felt it was time to do something more tangible, so I started the private support group From Diagnosis to Delivery and began inviting moms whom I saw had received a prenatal diagnosis. Out of that community, Verity’s Village emerged as a nonprofit ministry.


Why did you join with Verity’s Village mission?

I have always had a tender heart toward the moms who are still feeling so raw and overwhelmed from learning that there is something “not normal” with their babies. I so vividly remember that time in my life, when I grieved the child that was still kicking in my womb and felt so hopeless and depressed over the many unknowns. This is a very vulnerable time for moms (and dads too), and it is also very isolating. I had never heard of the diagnosis we received for our daughter–literally NO ONE I knew had gone through what I was going through. I had faith and hope in my foundation of spiritual beliefs, but it was still such a dark and difficult time. I began thinking about how hard this journey has to be for people who have no community (village) of support. It was harder than I can even begin to describe, the rest of my pregnancy with Verity and then her first couple of years as we learned how to care for her unique needs on extremely little sleep, feeling worn out and torn in so many different directions. When we finally felt we were emerging out of that long, dark tunnel, we realized that by God’s grace, we had moved from heartache to hope. Our prayer became that we could somehow offer that hope to other people.


What is the most important thing you have done with Verity’s Village?

Building a loving, compassionate, supportive community that brings people together who wouldn’t otherwise have understanding and support for a situation no one ever expects to be in. I have been so humbled and honored to get to know these incredibly brave mamas and to see the strength and grace they exude…even though they don’t feel very strong. They absolutely are. And they are helping to growing a Village that has reached around the globe and is touching more lives than we could ever imagine.

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Thank you, Beverly, for sharing a little more about your life, your family, and your passion for Verity’s Village!

Brooke Shambley

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