Are you ready to come alongside of Verity’s Village to share
about our mission and/or our fundraiser?

The Social Media Toolkit below will give you all the resources
you need to create amazing posts helping spread the word about
Verity’s Village and the Run for the Rare.

Social Media Toolkit

First of all, you need our logo to include on letters to sponsors, appeals
to friends to join our Run for the Rare, and for the social media posts
you share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

Verity’s Village Logos

Download the logos below:

Creating Your Own Posts

Using Canva, you can create your own Instagram posts, Facebook posts,
reels, and even carousels. A graphic can serve as an attention grabber,
then you share your appeal.

Are you ready to join the Verity’s Village Run for the Rare 5K? Sign up with me to walk or run on September 16th, 2023 –>

Link to Verity’s Village

To help Verity’s Village, you will need the links to our donation page, Run for the Rare
page, and Sponsorship pages. Here is what you will need!

Donation page:

Run for the Rare Registration:

Sponsorship Pages:

Sponsorship Info Webpage:

Sponsorship Tier Webpage:

Our Facebook Page:

Our Instagram Page:

Any questions?

Please contact Brooke Shambley via e-mail at with any questions you may have.
We are happy to help you in your social media endeavors to aid Verity’s Village!

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