Staci’s Story: From Heartache to Hope

January 15, 2022

Staci, a mom who joined the Verity’s Village support network, shares her story of moving from heartache to hope.

Devastated and heartbroken

“April 22, 2021. I’ll never forget the day we received the earth shattering news at 26.5 weeks pregnant that our sweet baby girl Harlow had some major birth defects and suspected trisomy 13. It took two weeks for the test results to come back to confirm the diagnosis. During this time I was devastated, heartbroken, angry: you name the emotion, I felt it. After many days of crying and feeling hopeless, I got a new perspective on the pregnancy. I was going to enjoy every moment I had with my sweet girl and take lots of pictures of our journey.”

“Let us meet her alive”

“My prayers quickly changed from wanting a happy and healthy baby to please let her be born alive to meet us and experience only love for however long we were allowed to keep her. On June 28th my sweet girl graced us with 56 beautiful minutes. I snuggled her the entire time she was with me earth side. After she passed, we continued to make memories with her by taking pictures, reading to her, bathing and dressing her, taking handprints, footprints and just taking in every moment. I’ll forever be Harlow’s mama and talk about her with her big brothers. She was born, she lived and she loved in spite of a grim diagnosis and being told that she would be stillborn. I am blessed to be her mama.”

Unconditional Love in Unfathomable Loss

Staci’s movement from heartache to hope in this journey encourages others on a difficult journey. Her family’s unconditional love for sweet Harlow Alizabeth continues to shine, even as it did during a difficult pregnancy. Although this precious family has experienced unfathomable loss, they continue to focus on the profound blessings this little girl’s life has brought to them. Staci is a brave, loving mama to her boys on earth AND to her girl in heaven. We are thankful she is part of our community.

We know what it’s like to receive a prenatal diagnosis and to hear from the medical community that our child won’t make it to birth. If you’re in this situation, let us walk alongside you.