Baby Joel Defies Expectations

December 12, 2021

Sarah, Joel’s mama, received her son’s trisomy diagnosis when she was pregnant. Of course she faced uncertainty during her pregnancy, although baby Joel defies expectations today! Despite her concern and the low expectations of many doctors, she chose to support Joel however she could. She researched during her pregnancy and after delivery to find the best care team possible, even transferring her son to another hospital for specific life-saving interventions.

Baby Joel is now 9 months old! He still defies expectations! Sarah says, “Joel is doing well. He is a fighter and definitely has a purpose because he continues to prove all these doctors wrong who keep saying he can’t or won’t do something. He ends up doing just what they said he wouldn’t….I know every prayer makes a huge difference. I don’t think Joel would be where he’s at if it weren’t for all the prayers.”

Baby Joel is thriving today: just look at this precious smile he is giving his mommy! Sarah is a doting mother of 4 handsome boys, and her fight to help Joel live his best life is so inspiring. She is a single mama doing her utmost for this precious life entrusted to her.

Receiving a life-limiting diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end of a baby’s story. Verity’s Village is here to provide help and HOPE!

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